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Civil War Tour

See and walk through history with our Civil War Historian on the Civil War Tour.

Granites & Elephants

Take a trip through Missouri’s Red Granite Quarries with our historic Granites & Elephants Tour.

Wine Country Tour

Our Wine Country Tour offers a fun way to enjoy some of the area’s best wineries in southeast Missouri.

The Best  of Arcadia Valley

Get ready to experience a few of the most breathtaking state parks that Missouri has to offer!

All Tours begin and end at our convenient location in Ironton, Missouri, 1321 N. Hwy 21.  Included with all tours, local hotel guests are provided with complimentary shuttle service from either Fort Davidson Hotel or Shepherd Mountain Inn & Suites. Front desk staff are able to arrange all the details of your tour.

Shepherd Mountain Inn
Shepherd Mountain Inn
Shepherd Mountain Inn
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