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Elephant Rocks State Park

Our first stop is Elephant Rocks State Park. One of the most curious geologic formations in Missouri is found at Elephant Rocks State Park. Giant Granite boulders can be as tall as 27 feet and up to 34 feet long. A simple way to see the rocks is by trail.  The well maintained trail winds through the main area of rocks providing a 1 mile loop that takes between 30 – 45 minutes to walk. Our guide will take you on a short walk up the trail to see the large rocks and to get a feel for what the area is all about.

Johnson’s Shut-Ins

Just a short trip from Elephant Rocks is our second stop, Johnson’s Shut-Ins. Our guide will take you on a short hike on a well maintained paved path that leads to some of the most beautiful views and places to sit and take in the sights. A great way to see the Shut-Ins in a short amount of time. We are sure you are going to want to return and spend a day here.

Downtown Ironton & Courthouse

It’s time to get a chance to acquire a souvenir or a possible gift for someone. We stop in downtown Ironton to sample some of our local vendors. We have many vendors in our downtown area that would love to have you come and visit them. Our bus will park in the lot that is closest to Taum Sauk Traders and directly across the street from The Arcadia Valley Soap Company, a store that has a wonderful gift provided just for you, and the best soaps around. After shopping, we head to the town square and share the Courthouse history of this special building, from the bus.

Arcadia Academy

We return back to Ironton making a short stop in Arcadia at the Arcadia Academy. Founded in 1847 as Arcadia College, the beautiful grounds and original 4 story building served as a local private High School until the Civil War. During the war years it was a hospital for the North. This beautiful structure now contains a bakery, ice cream shop and restaurant. We will remain in the bus driving around the facility pointing out highlights and points of interest. This is a great time for photographs.

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