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Arcadia Valley Back Roads

Our tour begins traveling down the Back Roads of the community of Pilot Knob in the Arcadia Valley. It’s on back roads just like this where you often find the hidden and or forgotten things of both interest and beauty. This backroad and where it leads you will not be found in a tourist brochure or seen on a postcard. In fact, we will not even spoil it with a photo. You just have to see it for yourself. Get your cameras ready, your friends are going to want to see this too.

The Quarry

Prepare to enter into an area restricted to the public. AV Tours has been granted access to this site to show you the operation and the product of the Missouri Red Quarry. Put on your hard hat and safety glasses provided and join us in this personal and private tour of the Missouri Red Quarry. Witness the giant stones being cut into slabs, see the pit where the granite is mined and hear the story of how the world’s finest granite is taken and cut from the earth. Learn the history of the “Missouri Red”.

Elephant Rocks State Park

Our third stop is Elephant Rocks State Park. One of the most curious geologic formations in Missouri is found at Elephant Rocks State Park. Giant Granite boulders can be as tall as 27 feet and up to 34 feet long. A simple way to see the rocks is by trail.  The trail winds through the main area of rocks and is easy walking.  It’s a 1 mile loop and takes about 30 minutes to walk. The area is beautiful and you will certainly want to take your camera. We will provide you plenty of time to make the journey around the loop.

Granites and Elephants – $30


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